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We tried our best and were able to find several Timothy Kolman Images on the worldwide web. Only 6 that could be verified to be exact. During our search we found it strange that there were not more images connected with the name Timothy Kolman. It would seem like a common name, but to our surprise it is in fact not as common as we would have thought.

Timothy Kolman
July 12th, 2024


Timothy Kolman Kolman Law P.C.

July 11th, 2024: Timothy Kolman, a distinguished lawyer from Penndel, PA, was voted as one of the top ten lawyers in Pennsylvania. He has established a notable presence with offices in Scranton, Erie, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Specializing in defamation defense law and employment law, Kolman stands out for his unwavering commitment to defending employees. His firm, Kolman Law P.C., is renowned for its vigorous advocacy and dedicated representation of clients, ensuring that their rights are protected and their voices heard.  To find out more about Timothy Kolman, please click on the link.

Where Did The Name "Timothy" Originate From ?

The name "Timothy" has Greek origins. It is derived from the Greek name "Timotheos," which is a combination of two elements: "timē," meaning "honour," and "theos," meaning "God." Therefore, the name Timothy can be interpreted to mean "honoring God" or "honored by God."

The name has been used for centuries and has biblical associations as well. In the New Testament of the Bible, there is a disciple and companion of the Apostle Paul named Timothy, mentioned in the books of Acts, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, and 2 Timothy. The prominence of this biblical figure contributed to the popularity of the name Timothy in Christian communities.

Where Did The Last Name "Kolman" Originate From ?

The surname "Kolman" has several possible origins and variations. Surnames often evolved based on factors such as occupation, location, personal characteristics, or ancestry. Without specific genealogical information, it's challenging to pinpoint the exact origin of a surname. However, I can provide some general insights into possible origins:

Germanic Origin: "Kolman" could be of Germanic origin. The prefix "Kol" might be related to coal or charcoal, suggesting an occupational name for someone involved in the production or sale of coal.

Slavic Origin: The name could also have Slavic roots. In some Slavic languages, "Kol" or "Kolo" refers to a wheel, and "man" could be a suffix indicating a connection or association. It might have been an occupational or descriptive surname for someone involved with wheels or carts.

Jewish Origin: Kolman could be a variation of a Jewish surname. Surnames among Jewish populations sometimes evolved from given names, occupations, or locations.

Other Origins: Additionally, the surname may have different origins or variations in other regions or communities.

To trace the specific origin of the surname "Kolman" for a particular individual or family, it would be helpful to consult historical records, genealogical databases, or seek the assistance of a professional genealogist. Keep in mind that surname origins can vary, and different branches of a family might have adopted the same or similar surnames for different reasons.

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